Ragdolls with blazes

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 by Ragdoll Cat Stories

Just a submission to the lovely Ragdolls with blazes feature. Please enjoy my sweet boy :)

Kitty's Name: Klaus
Name: Gina
Where: Santa Clarita

Cats and Small Spaces: How to Live in Harmony With Your Feline Companion

Tuesday, September 2, 2014 by Jenny Dean

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Cats make terrific pets, but if your home is somewhat lacking in square footage and you don’t have a garden, you’ll need to think carefully before getting one of these animals. Certain breeds of cat are better suited to small spaces and, regardless of the particular moggy you decide to welcome into your property, you’ll have to make sure it has access to the comforts a pet should have, such as suitable cat beds, toys and other resources.

Choosing a breed

It’s tempting to assume that petite breeds of cat are more appropriate for small spaces. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. Some of the more diminutive breeds are in fact the most active. Instead of basing your decision on the size of the animals, it’s best to focus on their personalities.

Ragdolls, for instance can be ideal for compact homes. These beautiful, big cats are among the most laidback of the domestic breeds and are also not particularly active. As long as you have time to groom them regularly to keep their coats in good condition, these animals may be perfect for you.

Another excellent breed of cat for smaller properties is the British shorthair. These creatures are also large, but they lack the curiosity and energy of many other types of cat. They’re often happy to relax indoors, so they make great house cats. 

Making your pet feel at home

Whichever breed of feline companion you select, you’ll need to make sure it feels at home. Your pet will need a comfortable place to rest and sleep, and its bed should be located in quiet, dry, draught-free location.

Ideally your cat should also have access to hiding places. These animals tend to feel safest high up, so it’s best if they can climb on top of furniture such as shelves and cupboards. Your four-legged friend will also need a litter tray and food and water bowls, and it should have constant access to water to avoid dehydration.

In addition, it’s important to provide your cat with scratching posts and it will need plenty of toys as well. Indoor pets are at risk of becoming obese if you don’t encourage them to exercise.

As long as you choose the right sort of cat and provide it with the necessary resources, you should enjoy many happy years as its owner.

My Sweetest Heart

Friday, August 15, 2014 by Ragdoll Cat Stories

I have had kitties my all my life and recently one of my kitties passed away. He was my sweet furbaby that I loved more than anything. My sister had always said that she believed my boy Sam was similar to a ragdoll kitty so when I was depressed about his passing I started looking at ragdolls on line. I found a kitty that was so cute I just had to get him. I have had him since he was 8 weeks old, he is now just over 4 months old his name is Saxton and I think he is the most lovable kitty. I believe my sweet boy Sam must have hit the "return" button when he arrived in heaven. Saxton is so lovable and so very cute and he is definitely a lapcat. He sleeps with me all night. I found this website and have been looking at all of the pictures and wanted to share a few pictures from when he was 8 weeks until now at just over 4 months because I know that everyone will see the same thing I do and will not be able to resist his lovable face, it does look like he is frowning but believe me he is a very happy, sweet boy! He is my sweetest heart!!

Kitty's Name: Saxton
Name: Kayla Hicks
Where: Deer Park, Texas 77536

Ragdoll Mink Cat Adoption Schaumburg IL: Lincoln - Ragdoll Rescue Schaumburg IL

Friday, August 1, 2014 by Ragdoll Rehoming Team



Lincoln is a Mink Ragdol beautiful kitty. He was born February 7th 2014. Lincoln loves playing with all kinds of things ( hair bands especially) . Of course he loves his toys. He is not too much of a lap cat just yet, but he loves to lay down next to me on the couch. When he's pet he likes to purr. Lincoln is talkative, follows me everywhere, greets me when I get home..He loves to sleep in the sunlight or look out of the window. I believe he would do very well with other pet if properly introduced. I am looking to re home him to a very good and loving home. I live in a small apartment and I have to take care of some health problem where I will be gone a lot and won't be home for long periods of time. .I believe it's best for Lincoln to find a new home and be happy with a new family that would have enough love and time for him.

Age: 6 months
Sex: male
Fee: $200
Location: Schaumburg IL

Ragdoll Mink Cat AdoptionSchaumburg IL:  Lincoln - Ragdoll Rescue Schaumburg IL

Ragdoll Mink Cat AdoptionSchaumburg IL:  Lincoln - Ragdoll Rescue Schaumburg IL

Ragdoll Mink Cat AdoptionSchaumburg IL:  Lincoln - Ragdoll Rescue Schaumburg IL

Ragdoll Mink Cat AdoptionSchaumburg IL:  Lincoln - Ragdoll Rescue Schaumburg IL

Ragdoll Mink Cat AdoptionSchaumburg IL:  Lincoln - Ragdoll Rescue Schaumburg IL

Ragdoll Mink Cat Adoption Schaumburg IL:  Lincoln - Ragdoll Rescue Schaumburg IL

Ragdoll Mink Cat Adoption Schaumburg IL:  Lincoln - Ragdoll Rescue Schaumburg IL

Ragdoll Mink Cat Adoption Schaumburg IL:  Lincoln - Ragdoll Rescue Schaumburg IL
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Ragdoll Cat Adoption Atlanta, GA: Azure - Ragdoll Rescue Atlanta, GA

Thursday, July 31, 2014 by Ragdoll Rehoming Team

Ragdoll Rescue Atlanta, GAAzure (named for the color of her eyes) was diagnosed with agoraphobia when she was young. We didn't realize when we moved into our new home (with vaulted ceilings) she would go nuts. We tried everything the vet threw at us, but we refuse to make her a kitty zombie on Paxil.
Azure is already laid back, loves cuddling while you are home, and enjoys being brushed. She still enjoys her string, laser dot and scratching post just like a kitten. Her favorite place to sleep is near you.
Her previous health concerns included a urinary blockage (fixed) and is prevented by urinary health dry and wet food.
Her current health concerns is just arthritis being treated with Cat Cosequin 1/day. She is up to date on vaccinations (will be as of 8.2).
With the adoption of Azure, you will also receive:

  • approx 36 cans of Drs. Foster and Smith canned food (her favorite flavor)
  • approx 4 lbs of Purina Urinary Health dry cat food
  • food and water dishes w/placemat
  • 8 ft tall cat tower
  • collapsible kitty condo
  • cardboard scratching castle
  • 2 flat scratching refills (needs holder)
  • 2 disposable litter boxes w/scoop
  • LitterMaid Auto litter box w/Tidy Cat litter and LitterMaid refills and scoop
  • shampoo, flea and tick med, brushes, catnip, assorted toys

Age: 12 Yrs old
Sex: Female - Spayed
Fee: $350.00
Location: Atlanta, GA
E-mail: aldea.portals@gmail.com
Phone: 678-392-0181

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Red Ragdoll

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 by Ragdoll Cat Stories

Momo is a bicolor red ragdoll and very mischievious but oh so cute!

Kitty's Name: Momo
Name: Nemalini Tsai
Where: South Africa

New Baby

Saturday, June 21, 2014 by Ragdoll Cat Stories

This is our new and first ragdoll. she is such a blast!

she is appearing too be a lynx lilac point...i think..

Kitty's Name: Violet Victoria
Name: michelle
Where: United States

Ragdoll Rescue Barrie, On Canada - Milo - Ragdoll Rehoming Barrie, On Canada -

Thursday, June 12, 2014 by Ragdoll Rehoming Team

Ragdoll Rescue Barrie, On Canada - Milo - Ragdoll Rehoming Barrie, On CanadaMy Parents have a sweet Ragdoll named Milo. Has an outgoing personality and is very affectionate. He is an indoor cat. He loves to play and sleep in your bed. He also gets along great with other animals. My parents love him dearly but can no longer afford his vet bills and sadly have been contemplating euthanasia. Milo has an auto immune deficiency which causes his skin/hair to fall off. This condition is easily treated with a daily medication. (His hair/ skin are fine while taking his meds). My parents can no longer afford his vet bills which about $300 a month. He is a great boy who deserves a nice long life with someone that can take proper care of him.  =Milo is up to date with all his shots and is neutered!!

Age: approx 2yrs
Sex: Male
Fee: $95.00
Location: Barrie, On
E-mail: melissakaroberts@gmail.com
Phone: (705) 790-4248

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Ragdoll Rescue Barrie, On Canada - Milo - Ragdoll Rehoming Barrie, On Canada

Blue Eyed Mink Ragdoll Cat

Tuesday, March 4, 2014 by Ragdoll Cat Stories

Jewels is a gorgeous MINK with Blue eyes people comment on her all the time :) she is so much fun, love to play and purrrrrrrs like mad. She love attention and when playing it she gets the toy away from you she take off with it. to funny really.

Kitty's Name: Jewelsov my Eye
Name: Carrie Dahl
Where: Minnesota/North Dakota

Love my furbabies!! Dexter and Trixie

Tuesday, February 25, 2014 by Ragdoll Cat Stories

Hello there! I am a subscriber of your YouTube channel and I love watching your videos. I have two ragdolls of my own and love them so much. Dexter is a 2 year old seal mitted boy. He's such a snuggler and mommas boy! Trixie is a 5 year old blue mitted girl. She has such an angelic face and the cutest little meow. They are definitely the entertainment in our household.

Kitty's Name: Dexter and Trixie
Name: Christina Duncan
Where: Baltimore, Maryland
E-mail: Cduncan105@gmail.com

Ragdoll Rescue Tyler Texas - Kitty Grace - Ragdoll Rehoming Tyler Texas

Sunday, February 23, 2014 by Ragdoll Rehoming Team

Ragdoll Rehoming Tyler Texas Sweet, docile & loving ragdoll. A people person cat who needs a home with someone around lots of the time. I need to work outside my home plus out of town. Kitty Grace enjoys having her head scratched, being brushed and petted... and will ask for it! She likes to sit beside me (though not so much on my lap) & sleep on the bed with me. Her favorite places when not by me are on the chair by the window and in back of the closet. She is declawed/has only been an indoor cat.I don't know how she would be around dogs or other cats but she has a very submissive personality.I have never seen her hiss. She is shy but will warm up to new people and is fine with children.

Age: 6 years
Sex: female
Fee: $200
Location: Tyler, Texas
E-mail: llwheat@gmail.com
Phone: 9032536377

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Do Ragdoll Cats Like Their Litter Box in Privacy?

Monday, December 23, 2013 by Jenny Dean

Can you imagine a cat who didn't prefer to use his litter box in private? Our furry friends are just like us; they prefer some alone time to dispose of their waste, and the Ragdoll breed is no different in this aspect. So how do you create the perfect area for your cat's litterbox?

  • Try to keep the litter box and litter products in a small, enclosed room. The size of the room will make your cat feel more safe and secure. This is also better for you in that waste matter won't be anywhere near the living area of your home.
  • Do not put the cat's food near the litter box. Again, cats' preferences seem to match up with humans' preferences when it comes to this subject. It wouldn't make much sense for someone to build a home with a toilet placed smack dab in the middle of the dining room, and cats seem to feel the same way.
  • It's best if the litter box room is away from noisy areas of the house. The noise can be extremely distracting and nerve-wracking for your Ragdoll cat when he is simply trying to relieve himself. Think of this as the equivalent of being on your way to the bathroom when someone keeps yelling, forcing you to stop and look around wondering what in the world is going on!
  • No matter what, you must keep the litter box clean. Many owners prefer to scoop out waste products on a daily basis while changing the litter box out completely every few days. Cats are very clean animals; notice how yours is constantly licking his fur to maintain a neat coat?

Many cats will refuse to relieve themselves in a litter box that is too messy, and this leads to them sometimes having accidents.

Ragdoll Cat Adoption Albany, Oregon: Ragdoll Rescue Albany, Oregon

Thursday, December 19, 2013 by Ragdoll Rehoming Team

He is Siamese mix, has a crook at the end of his tail. He is a sweet boy, is just getting use to having a one on one attention. Likes to eat, likes to play, just getting use to being loved, has had his nails trimmed.Likes to have his tummy tickled. Has had a bath, been de-flea'd, wormed, No declawing. For more info you can contact me at my email address or my phone #. More photos are available. Thank you so much for letting me post him. I've only had him a short time. I want to find a loving forever home for him. He is beautifully marked, with the blue eyes, mitted paws.

Age: About 2 mos old
Sex: Male
Fee: $100.00
Location: Albany, Oregon
E-mail: cowgirlupjani@msn.com
Phone: 541-926-1873

Unique Cat Trees for the Well-Versed Cat (and Cat Owner)

Wednesday, December 18, 2013 by Jenny Dean

46" Mega Kit Cat Claw Perch

Kitty Mansions Amazon Cat Tree, Green/BrownIf you've owned a cat for any substantial amount of time and love spoiling them, then you probably already know just how much they love cat tree houses. Even those who don't own a cat yet are probably familiar with some of the different designs by now, thanks to their overwhelming popularity. Many of the designs out on the market today all look the same though. There's not necessarily anything wrong with this, but what if you're looking for a unique cat tree? Well, luckily, we know of a few:

  • Mega Kit Cat Perch – This one is a full 46 inches high and contains just about everything your cat could hope for – a ramp made from sisal rope, catnip-filled toys that dangle, two cube homes, four scratching posts, and more. The design of the Mega Kit Cat Perch looks like the jungle gym of any cat's dreams, and it's only $60 right now. You can also purchase more units to connect, making it even bigger.
  • Kitty Mansions Amazon Cat Tree – Cat climbing trees that look like actual trees? Who'd have imagined such a thing? Apparently, Kitty Mansions. This tree comes with two enclosed bed areas, as well as hammock-like levels and perches. Cats love scratching the material of this tree, and the fake leaves give them another toy to play with.
  • Contoure Modern Cat Tree Tower (unfinished birch)Contoure Modern Cat Tree – This design comes with four carpeted cat perches and is made of solid birch plywood, resembling a piece of art rather than furniture that is extremely functional... but it easily manages both. This one comes in a hand-stained walnut color and looks like it belongs in a study.

The Coolest Cat Playpen Ever (No, Seriously!)

Monday, December 16, 2013 by Jenny Dean

Kittywalk Town-&-Country Pet EnclosureThere are a variety of cat playpens out on the market, but most just look like rodent cages... except with even fewer toys inside. The look of these pens alone is enough to put you off from using one due to guilt. The Kittywalk Town & Country Outdoor Pet Enclosure is not one of these! The look of this one is enough to make any owner jealous of their cat(s).

No joke here, this playpen provides around 30 cubic feet of space to play around in for your cat. You can also buy additional pieces to make it even bigger. This seems to be one of the best cat products out there for those of us who like to spoil our furry friends. This unit comes with: the Deck and Patio enclosure, cabana, and penthouse. There are a total of four hammocks within the playpen to allow for several different cats to lounge.

The Kittywalk Town & Country Outdoor Pet Enclosure is simply fantastic. A lot of us who keep indoor cats only often feel bad about confining them; we just don't want them to get hurt or be exposed to other animals who might be carrying diseases. This particular playpen is a great way for us to let our indoor cats out and take in the smells and sounds of nature while we don't have to worry about where they have run off to. Sounds like a win-win situation, huh?

While this design is perfect for smaller cats, some customers have complained that cats of over 15 pounds don't fare so well in it. Ragdoll breed owners should weigh their cats before purchasing this item.

The Triple Cat Perch: Three Times the Relaxation!

Saturday, December 14, 2013 by Jenny Dean

Triple Cat Perch Color: BrownThe Triple Cat Perch by New Cat Condos makes it easy for most of us to understand why our furry friends love cat perches so much. They are essentially the finest in cat lounging, providing soft and comfortable areas from which our cats can watch us. Yes, that's right, watch us. Just as you like to watch your cat running after the laser pointer, he probably finds enjoyment in watching you go about your day. Cats are curious after all.

So New Cat Condos' Triple Cat Perch features not only enough room for one cat, but for up to three. Similarly, you could use it for one cat, allowing them to choose the level they prefer. At 33 inches in height, the perches could also double as cat window perches, giving your Ragdoll the option of watching what's happening outside (this mainly depends on how far from the floor your windows are positioned so don't forget to measure that beforehand). The tree of perches comes in brown and features two sisal cat scratching posts on each side of it, so your cat can lounge at the same as they work on keeping their nails strong and healthy.

The Triple Cat Perch is fully carpeted and arrives already having been assembled, which is just fantastic for those of us who love our cats but are not the best at putting pieces together. This piece of furniture is made of sturdy wood too and can even hold a cat of up to 15 pounds on the highest tier.

Merry Pet Products Bring Us Unique Cat Furniture

Thursday, December 12, 2013 by Jenny Dean

Merry Pet Products-Cat Washroom And Night Stand For those of you who struggle to keep your cat products matching the décor of your home, consider your prayers answered. The Merry Pet Products Cat Washroom/Night Stand is absolutely gorgeous and will match just about any room. This particular design comes in the colors white, espresso, and walnut with each color using a different material for the overall construction. For example, the white uses fiberboard while the walnut is made of solid wood veneer.

It is usually hard to find unique cat furniture that manages to look good with the rest of your house or apartment, but Merry Pet Products has accomplished just that. The availability of the design in various colors of different finishes also makes it more likely the product won't stick out like a sore thumb against your wallpaper or carpeting.

The washroom/night stand can be used as a piece of cozy cat furniture that holds your pet's bed or even a few toys inside. It can also be used to provide a private area for your cat's litter box while keeping this fact unknown to house guests. The best part of the Merry Pet Products Cats Washroom/Night Stand is that you get to use it too. It features two-tiered shelving units so you can place books, towels, and more on it to make it further blend in to your surroundings. Most of us who own cats could use some more storage space anyway, so this works out perfectly! This product currently goes for about $80 on Amazon.com, which isn't bad at all when you think of how much you can get out of it.

Cat Trees Sold in Australia

Wednesday, December 11, 2013 by Jenny Dean

Finding high quality, inexpensive cat climbing trees is hard enough as it is without having to worry about whether a business ships to your country at all or at least for a reasonable price. Amazon is great for cat supplies within the US but its shipping rates are a bit steep for those living in Australia. Because of this, we've taken the time to look for some great cat trees that can be found within the country and/or shipped to it.

  • Wayfair - specifically has a website for Australian customers and features many of its amazing cat scratch furniture on there. For example, check out this amazing Cat Castle Tree. If your budget's a bit lower than what's needed for that product, take a look at the smaller Multi Level Cat Scratching Poles Tree with Ladder.
  • CatsPlay - is able to deliver internationally, so having a cat tree shipped to Australia isn't a problem. Their shipping rates don't seem ridiculous either (surprisingly). Check out their Cat's Trapeze 3 Cushion Cat Tree if you're looking for cozy cat furniture in particular. Each level of this tree comes with a large, soft cushion that's perfect for relaxing.
  • Bowhouse - has a great selection of cat trees that can be ordered, as well as an actual store in New South Wales. They sell top brands like SmartCat and Hagen's Catit Design, and their prices are reasonable.
  • Sammy's Cat Poles - come in every size and color you can imagine. Some of the trees feature enclosed units for kittens to nap, while others are simple but elegant with a single cat perch.

As feline enthusiasts here at floppycats.com, we love to hear all about your cat. Has he done something particularly funny lately? Or maybe she's just acting in her normal, curious way since you bought a new cardboard cat scratcher? Regardless, you can send us pretty much any story you care to tell about your cat. Not every story needs to be humorous either; we also want to know about his latest veterinary visit or maybe how she reacted to being treated with ear drops for an ear mite problem. Basically, we're saying that we love all information related to cats and would be beyond ecstatic if you shared your cat tales with us, whether they cause us to laugh or to cry.

Our Ragdoll Cat Stories page provides a form to submit your name, cat's name, story, and title so that we can publish your experiences easily. We even give you the option of including a photo or YouTube clip of your cat that you think is relevant to the story. You do not have to own a Ragdoll in order to submit stories of your cat either because we want to hear about all kinds of floppy cats.

Now if you have a Ragdoll cat rather than a cat of a different breed, you should check out our Ragdoll of the Week guidelines. Basically, you could then have your cat featured on FloppyCats so that your story will be shared with fellow lovers of the Ragdoll breed.

Does Your Cat Have A Louie's Box?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013 by Jenny Dean

If not, what's stopping you from getting one? Louie's Box is an eco-friendly box that your feline friend will absolutely adore. How do we know? The creator's own cat is who the box was originally designed for, Louie himself, and he most definitely approves. This project began after a Kickstarter campaign for the product that successfully raised enough money to turn it into a reality.

Louie's Box is sure to keep your cat happy and entertained, and at a cost less expensive to the environment around us. This happy-go-lucky play box is made of cardboard that is durable, yet extremely lightweight. We all know how much cats love cardboard when it comes to cat scratch furniture, so it makes sense to design a toy out of it. This is what Louie's owner kept in mind when coming up with the idea. Louie's a huge fan of shoe boxes and paper bags, which unfortunately leads to quite a few messes. The idea with this box is that it provides the same satisfaction that cats get out of paper and cardboard without being easily destructible – essential for the perfect cardboard cat scratcher.

On top of its functionality, Louie's Box just plain looks cool. Resembling a tiny yellow submarine, it's sure to keep you and your furry friend impressed – him/her with its awesome texture and peepholes cut out of the side and you with its cute design and how much amusement your cat gets out of it. It'd be hard to find more perfect cat products out there.

Check out Louie's Box today, and you can even receive a 10% discount for being a Floppy Cats user. Make sure you enter the discount code “FLOPPY” when you check out.

Anya's Story

Tuesday, November 12, 2013 by Ragdoll Cat Stories

Hello, I am Ragdoll Mommy, from my blog Life with Ragdolls.

I have a very beautiful and sweet 5 year old, female Ragdoll cat, her name is Anya. She is a Blue Mitted. She is 100% real Ragdoll, and she has the papers to prove it! Both of her parents are registered with TICA, so is she and her brother Nico.

Anya is a little shy, but it's not from abuse or anything. She just has her own personality, just like everyone else. She dislikes a lot of noise and hates when people come over, as it scares her. She likes to hide under the love seat or someone's bed..... But despite being very shy, Anya is one sweet girl! She follows me around the house and sleeps with me in my bed, she also likes to give me high-5s!

Oh and did I mention that she is leash trained?
Well.... Guess what??? She is!!!

She is one of the smartest cat/animal I have EVER had!
She also knows "Sit" and "come when called" and "leave it" and so on.......

Anya is declawed, I didn't do it. But she has her back claws. She is also an "Indoor" cat only.

Her date of birth is: August, 14th, Thursday, 2008. SHE adopted me on: July, 1, Sunday, 2012. She is pretty much my "dream cat", I was probably going to adopt her in 2011....... However, the answer to that was NO! Okay...... Maybe it wasn't said like that, more like "no".

Anyway..... I am very GRATEFUL that I have both of those wonderful cats! I really cannot imagine my life without them! THANK YOU, sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for my sweet babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope everyone liked my obsession with my BEAUTIFUL Ragdoll cat, Anya!

Ragdoll Mommy~

Kitty's Name: Anya
Name: Ragdoll Mommy
Where: Panama City, Florida